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My Vision is to create a Nonprofit Foundation that will specialzie in creating and implementing a mind, body, and spiritual approach to healing the body of Dis-ease. We will offer holistic healing and therapeutic services that can be accessed by anyone affected by any Disease with a focus on removing cancer from the body and mind.   

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Show Love and Gratitude to  everyone in every interaction. You deserve everything you want in life and so much more. Your thoughts create your reality, so choose your thoughts consciously, excitedly, and with gratitude. 




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I am a Therapist, LMSW, in Texas, writing a memoir (and Book Series) and on a personal journey  of showing gratitude and love daily. I am manifesting love, abundance, and opportunity in every moment and every interaction.  I am modeling positive energy, love, & the law of attraction in all I do. 

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I am open for connection and sharing love and support anytime you feel pulled to reach out. I am here to serve you. Leave me a message on IG or Twitter and I will respond as quickly as I can. (Providing a brief description of your needs will help me respond appropriately)

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