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I am so glad you asked!


Every person is driven by their day to day connections and current mental state. How are you today?

HI! My name is Patsy and I am excited to connect with you.  How can I help you find clarity? 

I am a Licensed Master Social Worker with a passion for connecting with clients from all walks of life and backgrounds to help heal emotional wounds, reduce trauma, clear negative energy and emotions by reprogramming distorted narratives that are no longer serving the individual to assist individuals in reclaiming their inner joy and life purpose in any stage of life. 

It is never too late to be happy. 

I am here to provide positive connection, support ,and guidance to anyone who wishes to have a more positive outlook in their life. You create your own reality in every moment, mindfully molding a future that is wanted and loved. 

                                        Attitude influences abundance so every thought counts. 

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Where is my deliberate focus?

Currently, I am back in my home town in East Texas, spending time reconnecting with family and friends and providng therapuetic services in the East Texan Community.  Social Services and Mental Health resources are minimal and stretched between various counties. I am working as a Medical Social Worker for Heart to Heart Hospice to help allocate resources and provide mental health support to help support a dignified and compassionate end of life experience for our patients and family. 

I am constantly in a state of learning, growing, and connection. I am consciously appreciatiive for all the beautifully healing souls who are crossing my path each day.  I am honored to work with you and help you on your journey wherever its path may lead. 

May all you do, be done with love,


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How I stay centered.....

Daily "I am" statements:  I begin each morning by setting my intention for the day and writting it down. (I started this in March 2019)  I write "I am..." on the top of my journal page and then list everything I am and everything I intend to be.  I don't hold back, I flood the page with my goals and successes and I believe them to be real, the moment they go on the page.  

ex: "I am consciously connected to people who promote growth and change in myself and others" , "I am a successful creator of human growth and potential content". "I am a community leader and policy mover" "I am finacially independent, retiring early." 

Daliy Yoga: 

Yoga with Adrienne (5-6 days a week, I would say daily, but then I would be lying, although the goal is everyday! ) at the very least i atleast hit a forward fold and child's pose to keep myself grounded. 

Daily Meditations (I set a reminder on my phone to check in with myself 3 times a day, I highly recommend you do this too!! You deserve at-least 3 minutes to yourself a day) 

NET "No Extra Time": I am always reading, writing, communicating and avoiding being a slave to the TV. I also love to sing and dance and I think I am awesome at both!!! (Self Reports are my Favorite) If I do turn on the Boob Tube, I will most likely watch a Ted Talk, Tom Bilyue on Impact Theory, or a Docu. 

Attitude of Gratitude ( I am thankful for every moment, person, object, memory, thought and breath I have the wonderful ability to experience) When I first started my journey to my true self gratitude is where I placed all my intentions. Now gratitude is a habit and it doesn't take any effort. I love everything. It's a great state of mind to live in. 

I recently tried learning to Line Dance and had my humility tested daily as women in their 70's literally danced circles around me. I am in love with the learning process. 

How can we connect?

I am open to traveling and learning in all areas. If you would like me to come visit you and share my story, energy and love please do not hesitate to ask me.  I love to make new professional and healing connections. 

If you require distant healing please connect with me. 

 I am here to serve others as they reconnect to their inner being and higher life purpose. If you are suffering, you do not need too. If you are alone, you can be with others. You have to choose to participate in life by deliberately connecting with others and following your passion.  

FAQs for Life

If you are interested in learning more about the law of attraction, positive thinking, or need assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am a vessel for love and healing and you are not alone (and you never really were!)

I love you!